Board & City Council Minutes

The following is a list of the boards and the City Council minutes and agendas. Each of the boards meet in the City Council Chambers on the dates listed below.

Planning & Zoning Commission meets at 6:00pm the 1st Monday of the month.               P & Z Commission members are: Dennis Belt, Josh Dison, Nancy Brletic, Dennis Belt, Levy Belton, Ralph Binion, Dee Devol, James Eskridge and Mary Miracle

City Council meets at 6:00pm the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month.                      Council members are: Matt Bundy, Mark Bryant, Jimmy Schipani and Fred Perez

Airport Board meets at 7:00pm the 3rd Tuesday of the month.                                        Airport board members are: Ted Thompson, A.J. Lewis, Skip Sobien, Earl Pitts, Warren Bauer, Tim Healy, Chris Cannon, Bill Best and Phil Hazzard

Traffic Safety Board meets at 6:30pm the 2nd Wednesday of the month.                       Traffic Safety board members are: Lacy Kent, Albert Clement, Daniel Pomerlee, Lawrence Saterfield, Suzanne Bolin, Bob Roberts and Barbara Turner

Parks and Recreation Board meets at 6:00pm the 3rd Wednesday of the month.       Parks & Rec board members are: Renae Roberts, Fred Busing, Lou Ann Watson, Laurel McMahan, Mitch Prouty, Elizabeth Dickinson and Benjamin Cumber

Library Board meets at 6:30pm the 1st Thursday at the Library.                                 Library board members are: Nadine Roberts, Mary Ellen Hale, Jackie Harper, Bonnie Sharp, and Stacy Swenson

There is no active Golf Board at this time.

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