Demographics Mountain Home

Population:      15,000 (estimated)

Location:         39 miles Southeast of Boise on I-84

Government:    Full time Mayor and four City Council members


High Desert. Mild weather. Coldest month is January with average lows of 22 and average highs of 36. July is the hottest with average lows of 59 and highs of 93. Average annual snowfall is 14.5 inches and average rainfall per year is 8.4 inches. Winter humidity is 50%, summer is 23%.

Property Tax:  

Total property taxes average about 1.9%. That includes Highway District, Schools, Elmore County, Hospital District, City of Mountain Home, Western Elmore County Recreation District and Ambulance District.


Mountain Home Air Force Base has 3,700 assigned military and 775 full time civilian workers. Agriculture is a mainstay of our economy (see attached). Unemployment rate is approximately 6.1%. City of Mountain Home has a full time economic development office.


Marathon Cheese Corporation opened a new 212,000 s.f. packaging facility in January 2007 and they currently employ 430 people. They continue to expand and will eventually provide good jobs to almost 500 people. Mountain Home School District 193, Simplot Land and Livestock, St. Lukes Elmore Medical Center, WalMart, In The Ditch Towing Products, The City of Mountain Home and Elmore County are large employers for the area. Dairies are also large employers.

Other Info:   

Recreational opportunities are virtually unlimited in the Mountain Home area. CJ Strike Dam and Anderson Ranch Dam provide boating, skiing, fishing, etc. Our county has elevations from 2,200 feet up to 9,400 which provides a wide variety of habitat for game birds and big game.