Information for Voters

2015 City Election Candidate Information

Thank you for deciding to run for local office!  The City Clerk serves as the City’s chief election officer and is here to answer your questions or offer assistance regarding the election process.  Due to new legislation a few years ago, the actual Election will be run by the Elmore County Clerk, Barbara Steele and her Election Clerk, Vivian may be reached by calling 587-2130, ext. 206.   This hand-out provides basic information about legal requirements and procedures along with details concerning City employment and job duties.  If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call the City Clerk, Nina Patterson at 587-2104. Please read this letter from the City Clerk 2015 City Election Candidate Information.

  2015 Polling Locations

2015 Mayoral Candidates

Booth 2


Harold Walter Booth


Harris 2


Rita Harris


Monasterio 2


Ron Monasterio



Parrett 2


John Parrett




Sykes 2


Rich Sykes




 2015 City Council Candidates

Anderson 2


Russ Anderson



Mark 2


Mark Bryant



Jimmy 2


Jimmy Schipani