Mayor & City Council

Our Mission

To work together responsively, through effective leadership, to provide infrastructure and excellent services that meet community needs and promote balanced growth, preserve our unique sense of community and sustain our small town quality of life.

Rich Sykes

Assignments: Chamber of Commerce, City Hall, Dig-It, Golf Course, Senior Citizens and assisting council members with their assignments
Phone: (208) 587-2104



Mark Bryant

President of the Council


Assignments: Airport Committee, WECRD, Historical Museum

(208) 598-5144




Daniel Brennan


Assignments: Arts Council, Police Dept./Animal Shelter and Fire Department

(208) 371-4919







Jimmy Schipani


Assignments: Traffic Safety, Public Works Department,  and Economic Development

(208) 891-3545




Matt Bundy


Assignments: Parks & Recreation Committee, Library Board, and Water District 161

(208) 587-0602


Elected Official General Information:

Two council seats are up for election for four year terms in 2017, with two other council seats and the Mayor elected (four year terms) in 2019.

Time Commitment:  Mayor and Council-members are required to attend regular meetings of the City Council on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, starting at 6:00 p.m.  Issues can be complex and range from sewer, water, streets, and public safety, to planning and zoning issues like plat approval and street vacations, to issues of personnel and the review and passage of resolutions and ordinances.  Council agendas and information packets are prepared by the City Clerk the Friday before each Council meeting.  During some months, there are special meetings or work sessions which you will also need to attend.

Budget preparation can entail several special meetings, beginning in March of each year and completing in July.  The City fiscal year runs from October 1st through September 30th of each year.

Council-members are also appointed by the Mayor to serve as liaisons to different advisory boards or committees in the community, such as the Parks & Recreation Board; DIGIT; Library Board; Airport Board; Traffic Safety Board; Golf Board; Historical Museum; and Arts Council.  It is compulsory for Council liaisons to attend these board meetings.  In addition they may also be assigned as a liaison to a City department not covered by a board, such as City Hall, Public Works, Fire Department; and Police Department.

Mayor and Council-members are required to:

Follow all laws of the State of Idaho.  (The state code section pertaining to cities is Title 50);

Understand and obey Ethics laws, Open meeting laws and Public Records laws;

(The State Attorney General’s office offers small manuals in booklet form covering all these provisions of the state code);

Disclose any potential conflict of interest prior to voting.

Mayor & Council-members may be required to:

Assist with the setting of long range goals for the City;

Understand insurance and liability issues as they pertain to the City;

Read and digest volumes of reports prepared by staff, and other agencies and citizens;

Represent the City at Civic and Community Functions;

Field concerns from Citizens at any time or place;

Work with area legislators on issues related to cities;

Travel outside the local area to attend meetings and workshops.

Employment Status:  The Mayor is considered a full-time employee of the City for his/her elected term and will be expected to keep and maintain regular work hours with reasonably scheduled hours at the City Offices.  The Council are considered part-time employees of the City and qualify for benefits, but not vacation or sick leave.  All elected positions are exempt from overtime pay, including compensatory time.

Salary and benefits:  The Mayor’s salary is $4,102.80 per month, by ordinance; Council member Salary is $850.00 per month, also by ordinance.  Benefit packages for insurance are available to Council-members.  The Mayor qualifies for all City benefits, including health, dental, vision, and PERSI retirement, sick leave and shall have fifteen (15) working days paid vacation leave time per year during his/her term of office.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the City Clerk at 587-2104, or ask the current Mayor or Council members.