Policy for Utility Payments and Extensions

All utility payments are due monthly on or before the 20th of each month. A $15.00 late fee is assessed on accounts not paid before the 20th of the month. After that time, the date varies from month to month, but the City shut-off day is approximately 10-15 days after the 20th of each month and only accounts still showing past due balances with no payment arrangements are disconnected or shut-off at that time.

If you are not able to make your payment on or before the 20th of the month, please notify City Hall by calling 208-587-2104 so that special arrangements can be provided for you to make your payment at a later date. The City will allow you to make a verbal agreement in person or by telephone if you agree to pay no later than the Friday after your service was or would have been disconnected or shut-off. If you cannot pay by that date, you will be required to fill out and sign a written agreement form, available at City Hall and on the City Web-site at www.mountain-home.us  under forms and links. Signing and submitting this form will allow you a second extension to pay no later than the 2nd Friday after the date that your service was or would have been disconnected or shut-off. For example: if your bill is due by Thursday, July 20th and you do not pay on or before that date, your service will be disconnected/shut off on Wednesday, August 2nd for non-payment. With a verbal agreement your service will be reinstated and you will have until Friday, August 4th to bring your account to current or your service will be disconnected/shut-off at that time. Any further extensions beyond the two listed will require special authorization with special circumstances. 

If you fail to contact City Hall to make payment arrangements by the dates specified above and your service is disconnected/shut-off, your service will remain disconnected/shut-off until your account is brought current or some type of arrangements are made.

If you fail to make your payment or make payment arrangements before your service is disconnected/shut-off for non-payment your account will be assessed a $20.00 reconnect fee.

If you need additional assistance to pay your bill please find below resources available that may help.

St. Vincent de Paul 208-587-3046

Salvation Army 208-343-5420

El-Ada 208-345-2820

Various Churches in the area

Customer Agreement Form (fillable)  When completed please email form to water@mountain-home.us