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To help minimize the risk of COVID-19 (coronavirus), the City is taking precautionary measures. We will continue to monitor this situation and will share updates if and when they are received.  The health and well‐being of the Citizens and Employees of the City of Mountain Home are very important and we recommend following the guidelines being sent forward by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Idaho Central Health District. We are also monitoring the newly created Idaho Coronavirus website at Based on the facts and information we have currently, we recommend everyone follow the protocols and best practices set forth by the CDC. The following information regarding City services and amenities will be updated as the situation develops: [read more]

The City of Mountain Home has taken another step toward realizing its goal of attracting new industry and creating a wide variety of new employment opportunities for residents and neighboring Mountain Home Air Force Base family members. In recent weeks the City Council approved the annexation of approximately 400 acres of land adjoining the Mountain Home rail spur and approved zoning the land for industry use. [read more]